Thursday, February 4, 2010

skipping classs

so its 5:50 eastern standard time (and FML, thats def a josh thing), my class starts at approximately 6:40 and im not going. fuck it. one day won't hurt me, right? i'll probably regret that in a week or two but im just not feelin it today. went to the doctors this morning, but i have to go back 2 times next week. stupid girl time. haha. but guess what? this little lady is all the clear to have babies whenever my little heart desires. ha he cant hold that against me anymore. but work sucked, i didnt speak to anyone, literally. all i kept doing was staring at the door, deep down wishing he was going to walk in the door and just say he was sorry, he loves me and everything be okay. but rightttt that didnt happen.

there is so many stupid little things that remind me of him everywhere. 9 months with a person sure is showing. ughhh enough - i need to get myself back together. it just kills, i forgot what it felt like to be hurt by someone. with my ex, i had hated him for so long before we actually split up, that when we did part ways, it was easy. this on another hand isnt easy - to go from being perfectly happy and in love to having your heart ripped out - no this isnt easy.

talked to the army recruiter again today. he wants me to take my ASVAB. im still a little skeptical. but idk, we'll see

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Anonymous said...

Its not the best idea to join the army, you can do so many other things. I dont think that you should make that six year committment.