Monday, February 22, 2010


So for whatever reason im an insomniac and cannot sleep for anything tonight. so im passing time until i have to actually get up and get ready for class and what not.

one -- Best friends are reason we have empty fridges,dirty rooms, inside jokes, extreme makeovers,true personalities & friendship.

two -- we have the fuck-you attitudes, the party-hard-personalities, and honestly we dont care if we mean a damn thing to you.

three -- Sometimes you have to be apart from people you love, but that doesn't make you love them any less. Sometimes you love them more. -The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

four -- the best love is the kind that awakens the soul, and makes us reach for more, that plants fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds and thats what you've given me -The Notebook

five -- i don't know where i'm going, all i know is that i want you to be there standing next to me

six -- you make me smile like the sun, fall out of bed, sing like bird, dizzy in my head

seven -- the feelings i have for you, i cant explain. its the way my heart beats when someone mentions your name.

eight -- send me flowers; kiss me in public; let me know im loved

nine -- You know that feeling where for a split second everything makes sense ? Like the world and your place in it has been all figured out? It only lasts a second, but in that second you become enlightened. Well being with you is like a million of those feelings hitting me all at once... and I won't lose that. I can't loose that, I can't loose you. Maybe to some that's not love, maybe to some it might even be unhealthy and wrong, but not to me. No, to me that's exactly what love is. It's finding someone who makes the world a little less confusing.

ten -- I know that there are some things about yourself that you think you would like to change. But you should know that there's someone out there who's gonna like you for everything you are, including those parts of you that you don't even like. Those are gonna be the things that person likes most.

eleven -- I wanted you to fight for me. I wanted you to say that there was no one else that you could ever be with & that you wanted to be with me.-One Tree Hill

twelve -- Imagine a future moment in your life where all your dreams come true. You know it's the greatest moment of your life and you get to experience it with one person. Who's standing next to you?

thirteen -- The most incredible feeling is knowing that I make you happy.

fourteen -- If we fall in love because someone makes us laugh, what happens when we no longer find them funny? If we fall in love because someone is beautiful, what happens when that beauty fades? If we fall in love because someone can provide for us, what happens when they lose their wealth? Because love defies all reasons. When you truly love someone, you can't just find a reason. You just do.


jenner lyn loren said...

i'm a lil impressed in the fact that you've changed your blogger background, picture, colors & added music all by yourself?!!

its extraaaaa cuutesy!!! :) your birthday is in 2 days.. WHAT?!!!?

Lauren Nicole said... getting better!!