Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another battle for the books..

So, I went to the girl doctor a couple of weeks ago for that, "not so comfortable, hope everything is normal checkup", and well I got a phone call saying I had to come back in because something wasn't right, but of course they couldn't just tell me on the phone, and I had to wait a wholeee week because my doctor was super busy. I guess spring means everyone goes for their yearly exam. So the entire week I have been kind of freaking out and doing lots of wondering as to what it could be.

Well, I finally went yesterday. First thing I asked when the doctor walked in was, "Why am I here, again?", he then goes on to explain to me that some of my cells "caught their attention", im still really confused at this point. So I get another exam done, a not so pleasant one at that, and come to find out I have cervical cancer. Well I have the cells that produce cancer. I have to wait until my biopsy comes back to find out if they are active cells or not and if they are mild, moderate or severe. I am scared. He kind of explained to me what would happen if they have to be removed and let me tell you, it sounds painfulll. I have only told 5 people, don't plan on telling anyone else unless of course you stumble across this. But whatevvv.

My life is just one constant battle. Its one thing after another. But I will get through this. Just needs lots of prayers that everything turns out for the best. That is all, for now!


Delainey said...

Oh my gosh!! You will get through this! I know it is a totally scary time but keep your head up and hole for the best. I will keep you in my thoughts.


Jillian said...

Hey girly,
I went through the same thing. I'm assuming you had an abnormal pap with high risk HPV cells. This does not mean you have cancer (don't get freaked out just yet!). It means that these cells may someday evolve, so it's best to get rid of them through a colposcopy. The procedure sounds unpleasant, but it's really not that bad (about as much pain as menstrual cramps). I know you're a strong person and you'll get through this!

Hopefully the cells aren't severe, and you can just get them frozen off. This sort of thing is quite common because HPV is everywhere (and guys can't be tested for it). I'm sorry you have to go through this during such a trying time in your life. I'm here for you if you need anything!

Melissa said...

With paps, sometimes you'll get an abnormal result but it isn't necessarily cancer - it's kind of like a precaution. As Jillian mentioned, those cells can become malignant, but that's why they check! I will be praying that it is nothing serious. *hugs* ♥

Katie said...

prayers for you <3
Hope it all turns out good for you.

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

Aw hun that's scary. We'll definitely be praying that its not very far along. My bestie had that same thing before I knew her. She said she had things scraped, got the cervical cancer vaccine, and had a little more done that I can't recall and has been fine ever since. We'll pray that yours will heal and recover quickly like that and that it doesn't go any further.


Whitney said...

i had a similar thing happen to me. in january 2010, i had a abnormal pap. i know what you mean about waiting. i was freaking out, because i had not been to the gyno in like 7 years at that point. i got the results after business hours and was not able to see the doctor until a few days later. it turned out that it was mild dysplasia low grade. they then sent me to have a colpscopy and then told me to come back in 6 months for a pap. that pap came back normal. i was supposed to have another one in february or march, but haven't been. i need to go though!

hoping everything turns out okay!