Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You Are All Incredible!

So I made my blog look beautiful and a little more like ME! I am happy with my end results. Now I just need some more followers & some new people to follow. Give me suggestions, I love juicy gossip & all things military, still.

On another note, thankkk you for all the incredible support and words of encouragement. Each and every one of you ladies are absolutely amazing. It is going to be a long road ahead of me, so I appreciate it, more than words can say.

I talked to J a little more last night, but my phone ended up dying because I went to the movies to see Fast Five. FYI -movie was fantastic. Paul Walker & Vin Diesel are sooo sexy, mmm. I recommend seeing it. But I don't really remember what was said, except for he feels awful, which he should. He never intended on me finding out about him cheating on me, which is stupid, because EVERYTHING always comes out, eventually right? I still can't wrap my head around all of it. I know J coming clean was hard for him, but I still haven't got a I'm sorry. I don't know if I ever will either. I asked him if he regretted it, all I got was an "I feel terrible about it". If he called me today and told me he was sorry and he wanted to make things work, I feel like I would try. I know its dumb and I need to tell myself once a cheater, always a cheater. But I was also taught to never give up on someone you love, you fight for what is yours. But that's just letting my mind think, because he isn't sorry about what he did and he doesnt regret it...

I hope you enjoy my new layout :)


Melissa said...

wait, he never "intended on you finding out?" what the hell is he thinking? he should have NEVER done any of that in the first place!!! At least he feels terrible about it. He still owes you an apology, tho.

And I love the new layout, very cute :)

Jenn said...

I wish you the best!
In my honest opinion it sounds like he only feels terrible because he got caught and had to fess up. Nobody deserves what he has put you through. I know how you are feeling (for the most part because I am obviously not you :)) I have been through an extremely similar situation. It kills. Don't bank on getting an apology but yes you do deserve it. You deserve so so much better than him.

very cute new background btw oh and I love the dress you are wearing in the middle picture.

Lauren said...

Yes Mel. I never intended on me finding out, but because I did, he finally confessed. But if I would of never found out, he would have never told me...

& thank you Jenn