Monday, May 16, 2011

My Weekend (Picture Heavy)

So Blogger went on a haitus there for a couple of days, hopefully it is done doing that. Last time I blogged I was waiting for the doctor, well, I'm still waiting for the results. I've learned in the military world, "No news is good news", I am going to apply that to this situation as well. Although I should know by today or tomorrow. And well the job interview went wonderful, and the guy interviewing me was gorgeous, so that made it easier to handle, lol. They told me I wouldn't hear anything about it until the 20th after they interviewed everyone. So keep your fingers crossed still.

So let me recap my weekend for you. It was actually A LOT of fun...(be prepared for pictures)

Thursday - I went to the Usher concert with Tina and Natalie up in Cleveland. We stopped at the Harry Buffalo for drinks, shots and food before the concert. The food was excellent. That was my first time being there and I was highly impressed. I want to go back, but I don't think there is one any closer to me. After drinks and food, we walked over to the Quicken Loans Arena for the show. Such an awesome concert. Usher is just beyond gorgeous and his dancing is to die for. He actually pulled a girl out of the crowd onto the stage while he sung Trading Places. Not gonna lie, I was way jealous. She was really calm though and just kept wiping him with a towel. My hands would of been EVERYWHEREEE, hahaha. If you get to see the OMG Tour 2011, it is an awesome show. And the best quote of the night was from Akon. "I don't see how Lebron could leave Cleveland with all these beautiful woman here" All the ladies went crazy after he said that.

Friday - I went with a big group of friends to see the Sugarland concert at Blossom. When I left my house to meet up with everyone it was pouring down rain. I dont mind it raining at concerts, because a lot of the times it is more fun, but it was already chilly out and we all had shorts on. Luckily though, by the time we left my friends house the rain had stopped. We rolled into blossom 6 cars deep, it was hilarious. We all  hung out at our cars, drank, played corn hole, and even grilled some food before we went into the concert. I was being more of a social butterfly then actually paying attention to the concert in the beginning. Then when I tried to pay attention to the concert, my friends were falling out left and right. I am always the motherly one taking care of everyone, so I heard like one song the entire concert. Now, it wouldn't be a concert if someone didn't go missing. And well someone did, lol. So we finally found that person and was walking back to the cars to leave. We were probably 500ft away from the cars and it just started down pouring, no sprinkle or anything. We ended up playing in the rain for a little while because getting out of Blossom takes foreverrrr, so we were in no hurry. Overall, it was a fun night!

Our send me backstage shirts ;)

Inside the concert

After we got rained on!
Saturday - One of my really good friends Mel, at Army Sweetheart, got MARRIED!!! Now I met Mel through our boyfriends, my now EX and her now HUSBAND!! We basically all lived together in the boys old house. The wedding was absolutely beautiful. All of her hard work payed off! Sadly, my camera decided it was going to break before I even left my house. So now I am camera-less and I have no pictures of her or us together. But check out her blog, she has a few posted! Now with the bride and groom being mutual friends of ours, of course Josh was there. We didn't sit together in the church, in fact I didn't see him until he texted me to come sit over there. Not gonna lie, I was nervous to see him. I don't really know why but my palms were so sweaty. But that passed quickly. We actually didn't talk until the wedding reception itself, minus small talk in the church about the reception. We were supposed to sit at seperate tables, but the reception hall messed it up, and we ended up at the same table. Which in the end, turned out to be okay, because I'm sure we would of ended up sitting next to each other anyways. We were civil, were friends. It's obvious the feelings are still there on both ends, his friends even saw it, but were friends. And we will remain friends. But here are the only 2 photos I got to take, and their only of me, so sad!

Sunday - I went to the mall with my little god-sister and her son Jake. He is such a wild child, but super handsome. I can't believe he will be 2 soon. I feel olddd! After that I went to Jenner's house for Margarita's and girl talk. It was so nice to just be able to vent and well talk about people and things. After we had a bunch of marg's each, we thought it would be great to practice our line dancing for the Dusty Wednesday night, because last Wednesday we all sucked. We ended up learning 2 and trying to piece together the one we had learned, but failed.

That was my amazing weekend with friends. Hope yours was just as wonderful. And Happy Military Monday! Be sure to thank a soldier for everything they do!


kirstieJayy said...

so damn jealous right now!
but you look like youre having so much fun in the middle pictures!:)

also, you look stunning in your last outfit,. tres jealous!!

i hope youre doing okay.

happy monday,

Jenn said...

Im happy you had a good weekend!! It looks like you had tons of fun. Concerts in the rain are awesome. I saw Tobey Keith in the pouring rain. It was an absolute blast :)

Erinn said...

Hey! I'm a new follower from the monday blog hop :)

I spent every summer from when I was a baby until I was 18 in Brunswick, Ohio with my grandparents. That part of the world is another home to me :)

Ashley N. said...

You looked sooo pretty <3