Friday, May 6, 2011

Last night..

Josh came up to see me last night, im sure it was only because he wanted his stuff from my car, but he came and we talked, for two and a half hours. It was soo nice. Although the entire time I just wanted to kiss him and scream what is wrong with you? Although we were talking quite seriously, we could still laugh and joke and have fun together. A lot has been done, and I mean a lot. I honestly don't believe he doesn't love me anymore. If he didn't love me, why would he wipe my tears away, why would he drag the conversation and walking out for as long as possible because his exact words, "I don't want the conversation to end". I know he still loves me and I know he misses me, it is just his ego talking when he says no. I swear I could hug him forever and be completely content in his arms.

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Melissa said...

ahhhh good. this seems like a nice first step, and this makes me happy!